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Strange Pool & Spa Service & Sales Inc. is a family run swimming pool and spa service company, with 35 years of experience. We service Northern Westchester & Putnam Counties offering our clients prompt, professional in-ground pool & spa service.

Strange Pool & Spa Service & Sales Inc. is proud to bring a level of personalized service to every client by treating them with respect and caring for their pool as if it were our own.

Our commitment to training and continued education brings both knowledge & experience of old & new technologies. This enables us to provide options and sound solutions to our clients facing repair, replacement or complete pool renovations.

Our success is defined by standing behind everything we do. Whether it’s a heater, pump, automation system or a complete pool renovation, if a problem arises no time is wasted and no expense is spared in resolving the problem to our client’s complete satisfaction.

We are so committed to customer satisfaction we offer a customer referral program. This program offers a 10% discount on your annual service contract if your referral becomes a new client.

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Our team of Service Professionals are all NESPA “Certified Service Technicians”. Robert Strange is a Genisis Pool Design Alumni; he attends annual continued education with Genisis and is on the teaching staff of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association “NESPA”.



Opening your swimming pool the first week in May is always my recommendation. Winter can cause damage to your tile, coping, equipment or even the pool’s structure. Everyone wants to swim that first warm day or be ready for the Memorial Day pool party, so open early.



Closing your swimming pool is a personal choice, some of us like to swim into October or maybe just look at the pool because winter is long enough!



We provide four in season maintenance options:

  • Weekly pool & spa vacuum, balance, test all the equipment, clean the tile line and blow down the pool deck.
  • Bimonthly (every other week) pool & spa vacuum, balance, test all the equipment, clean the tile line and blow down the pool deck.
  • Weekly swimming pool & spa water balance only, balance the water, test all the equipment, clean the tile line and blow down the pool deck.
  • Bimonthly (every other week) swimming pool & spa water balance only, balance the water, test all the equipment, clean the tile line and blow down the pool deck.



We perform complete pool renovations; new tile, coping, plumbing, lighting and pool & spa re-finishing.

We also do repairs, replacement or upgrades to any and all aspects of your pool & spa. For an estimate on any of these services please schedule an appointment today.

News & Information

This handbook is designed to provide an understanding of water treatment and sanitation approaches used for residential and commercial swimming pool and spa waters. There are many factors that can influence the approach taken whether bather load, project goals, budgetary constraints, or even the environment.

Although the author is an ozone equipment manufacturer, this handbook will provide information regarding typical sanitation options that are available in the market today. There will be a review of each option and the pros and cons as they relate to pool water treatment. In addition, further detail will be provided in regards to ozone and its many accolades, including ozone basics, how it is generated, system design aspects, and the best combination of other sanitizers with ozone. In fact, when ozone is used properly it can have a great synergistic affect with other sanitizers, especially chlorine.

It is important to have a simple handbook that is easy to read and understand, as attempting to achieve pristine pool and spa water can be a daunting task. With a better understanding of pool chemistry and the sanitation options available, nearly any pool can achieve “The Ultimate Swimming Experience.”

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Frequently Asked Questions & Safety Tips

How many hours should I run my filter each day?

Average size pool (20×40) or smaller should run a minimum of 8 hours a day. Larger pools should be increased in length of time relative to the larger size.

Is my pool leaking or is it evaporation?

Industry standard is ¼” per day, if the evenings are cooler than the water temperature water evaporation rates will be higher.

Why do my eyes burn after swimming?

Usually there is an absence of sanitizer (chlorine/bromine). Yes it’s true, low levels of sanitizer allows chloramines to develop, which can lead to lower PH/acidic water & cause skin irritation.

How long should we wait to swim after you've serviced the pool?

Unless you have been advised to stay out of the pool, you can swim within 15 minutes.

Are there any alternatives to chlorine & if so what are they?

Ultra Violet and Ozone, both of these technologies have been sanitizing water for a long time. The swimming pool industry embraced this technology about 5 years ago, with great success. All bottled drinking water must be UV treated.

What is a “Saltwater” pool, can I convert my pool to Saltwater?

Saltwater pools are chlorine pools. The salt that is put into the pool water is passed through a generator that turns the salt molecule into a very pure form of chlorine. Any pool can be converted, but this form of chlorine works best in vinyl & fiberglass swimming pools.

Do solar panels really work & do I still need a heater?

The answer is yes to both questions, when solar panels are installed with the proper sun exposure they work great. There will always be times when the sun hasn’t been out & you want the pool warm that’s why you need a propane/natural gas heater as a backup.

How can I keep my pool clean between service visits?

Empty the skimmer baskets, keep the water level in the pool ½ way across the tile line and remove all pool toys & floats.

What is the “Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act” also known as “VGB”?

This law was enacted in 2007, designed to prevent the tragic and hidden hazard of drain entrapments and eviscerations in pools and spas. To understand the entire law and how it effects your swimming pool & spa go to the governments web site at:


  • Make sure a First Aid kit and lifesaving equipment, such as safety hook and life preserver are always close to the pool.
  • Never leave children unattended in or around the pool.
  • Consider enrolling in a CPR course. No one wants to think of the worst, but being prepared could mean the difference between life instead of death.
  • Always make sure that all toys and pool accessories (such as floats) are taken out of the pool when you are done using it. Toys left in the pool may lure a child back to the pool when an adult is not present.
  • Keep an eye on the weather, summer storms can be severe. It is extremely dangerous to be in or around the pool during an electrical storm, so head inside when the sky darkens.
  • Safety in and around the pool is extremely important, so is our skin. Make sure everyone is wearing waterproof sunscreen, and keep babies and infants in the shade when they are not in the water.
  • Make sure all access points to the pool are secured with self-closing gates & latches.
  • Do not stay in a hot tub longer than 30 minutes.

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